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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: July 30, Learn more Method 1. There are two changes to look for here. The more obvious one is that if your man is seeing someone else, he may not be excited about sex anymore. Another change you may notice is that suddenly your man has an insatiable sexual appetite. Is he suddenly much more adventurous than before? Has he always stuck to the same routine and is he now trying to spice things up every time you get into bed? He may be getting his moves from another woman. If he only wants to have sex in the dark, then it may be because he does not feel right about sharing his body with two women.

Here are some steps to help you cope and find a path forward.

See if your man is suddenly showering you with kindness. He may be much nicer to you because he feels guilty for being unfaithful. But then again, he could just be being nicer because you are going through a rough patch and he is trying to make it up to you. If he suddenly brings you flowers, chocolate, and sweet cards, he could just be trying to be bringing back that loving feeling. Alternatively, he may be compensating for cheating.

See if he is suddenly much more helpful. Still, when he completely changes his household habits, you should be on the alert.

Also, look out if he storms home and looks upset, and then tries to blame it on work or something that never made him upset before. If he used to leave his phone out on the table for hours, or if he was the type of man who would leave the house and forget his phone all the time, but suddenly he and his phone are inseparable, then something may be up. If he suddenly put a password on his phone but never cared for privacy before, then something may be up. If he used to be diligent about answering his phone, and now you can go hours without getting in touch with him, then he may be spending that time with another woman.

If he shuts off his phone for hours and he never used to do that, it is not a good sign. Check out his behavior near his computer. If he never cared for the computer much before, but is suddenly spending all of his time online, it may be because of another woman.

If he does not go on the computer when you are in the room, then he may not want you to see what is on the screen. Pay attention to his excuses. If you and your husband spent most of your free time together, and he's suddenly never around for suspicious reasons, then he may be spending his time with another lady. If he's always having a "guy's night," spending every night late at work, or has suddenly found a passion for a new sport and is spending all of his free time at the gym, then he may be using these excuses to get away with his mistress.

Of course, he could genuinely have picked up a love for a new sport, or he may really have to stay late at work every night, but if he's never done either of these things before and has shown several other suspicious signs, then it may mean that he's cheating. Notice what he says.

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Several things that your man can say may indicate that he is cheating on you. Here are some things to look out for: If he used to complement you all the time, but never complements you anymore, it may be because he is thinking of someone else. If he wasn't much of a sweet talker before, but is always suddenly complementing you, he may be doing it to compensate for being with someone else.

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If he just sounds different, using words you've never heard before, laughing in a new way, or just phrasing his words differently, he may have picked this up from another lady. Method 2. Of course, you should consider other factors: maybe he is having a mid-life crisis and wants to look good again, or maybe he just became motivated to care more about his body. You should also look out to see if he is suddenly obsessed with his diet. This could also indicate that he is paying a lot of attention to his body for another woman.

See if he smells different. This is a big red flag. If your man smells different suddenly, it may be because his body chemistry has changed from being with another woman. Notice his body language. Your husband's body language can also say a lot about whether he is cheating on you.

Even if he says the right things, his body could betray him. Here are some signs that something has changed for him: Note the amount of eye contact he gives you. If you used to always look into your eyes when you spoke but now always looks away, he may be doing it out of guilt. Note a lack of affection.

If he used to kiss you, hug you, put his arm around you, and let you know how much he cared through his touches but never touches you any more, then something may be up. See if he turns away from you when you are talking. If he crosses his arms, turns away from you, and does not face you with his body, then he may be retreating because he is uncomfortable.

Signs of a Cheating Husband

Notice if he shows you affection when you are alone, but not when you go out. If he is all over you when you are home but he is distant the second you step out the door, it may be because he is afraid his mistress will catch him with another woman. Method 3. Look through his things. Though looking through your husband's things is a quick way to break his trust, if you are sure he is cheating and want concrete evidence, you can try this maneuver. Everything had fallen seamlessly into place. We were going to have a future full of laughter, love, and happiness.

Filled with vacations, holidays, family gatherings, big feasts, and fabulous celebrations. I sat down next to him on the bed as he began to reveal to me the nightmare I had never known was possible but was about to take over my entire world. It was a gorgeous summer day, just months before the wedding, and I received a phone call from my fiance asking me to come over because he had something to tell me. I knew by the tone of his voice that whatever it was, it was really bad. The drive to his house was excruciating as I waited to find out what could be so awful. He went on to describe that this was not just a one-night stand or a horrific mistake.

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  • There was nothing I wanted more in that moment than to be strong enough to get up and walk away. The truth was, I was too weak to leave. I sat there numb at the edge of the bed as everything flashed through my mind at rapid speed, my main concern: the invitations. Two hundred and fifty invitations were out in the mail. The venue was booked. The gifts had been registered for. The embarrassment and shame of having to tell our friends and family who had watched our fairytale romance over the last four years that none of it was true.

    The pressure was too much and I made a choice that day. I made a choice to stay. I went through with our "dream" wedding, and as I stared into the mirror that day, dressed in my Cinderella ball gown, flawless makeup and hair, I released the girl from my dreams. And I welcomed the broken, sad, and lonely girl who was wearing a dress that so eloquently covered her scars.

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    One year into our marriage, history repeated itself, and after my husband was away at a bachelor party I found out he had been unfaithful once again. He begged and pleaded for me to let him stay and promised for a second time that it would never happen again. For whatever reason, I caved. Something inside me kept saying, This isn't our first time here, and I was able to move past it before, and so I will do it again. And so I chose to stay.

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    At this point, without realizing the depth of pain and anger that had been buried deep inside me for so long, I subconsciously started my journey to leaving him. Three more years continued of highs and lows, "working on it," and his unhealthy relationship with porn, and I finally found the courage to ask for a divorce. My own life was a dirty little secret, it was a lie, and it was a sham. When I left my husband, I thought that everything was going to magically get better since I'd had the strength to leave.

    But divorce is mentally and emotionally exhausting, and the next four years of my life were consumed with shame and embarrassment about who I had been and who I had become. I let what had happened to me control my circumstance and keep me in unhealthy relationships. I turned to a woman who became my drug, and when that high wore off, I found myself in and out of every bed I could find. A void had replaced our happy life. I told him to go, to walk out that door and be with her. I would be fine. I would make it.

    I would rather be alone than with someone who felt they had to stay.