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Just because an advertisement on a website says you need to install something, doesn't mean you should. Trust your instincts.

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Advertisements often pose as antivirus tools and claim your computer is infected. If you click something and immediately are asked for your credit card, you're probably about to fall for a scam.

mSpy - Cell Phone Tracking Software - Undetectable

Be wary of hidden threats. Want to watch a video but need to download a new plug-in first?

InvisiMole Spyware is a powerful malware that went undetected for at least five years

Most reputable sites use technology your web browser already has. Update your web browser.

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Modern browsers have enhanced technology which can warn you of known infected sites, prevent automatic downloads, and protect your personal information. Ask a friend. Have a friend who's tech savvy? It probably won't hurt to wait a few minutes before you click download and ask someone else's opinion.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software – Hidden & Undetectable Monitoring Software

If you aren't expecting it Viruses often spread via email attachments. They are used frequently during online video streaming for smoother experience. Unlike Windows OS, Unix-based operating systems like iOS and Android use a sandbox design, which separates the app layer from the rest of the system, making them more difficult to attack.

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While WhatsApp is yet to confirm how many users were exactly affected, they believe only a select number of users were targeted. In an official statement to the press, WhatsApp claims that it identified the vulnerability, which could enable an attacker to insert and execute code on mobile devices, early this month, and promptly fixed it.

How To Browse The Internet Safely - By Christian Stewart

WhatsApp has made changes to the infrastructure to deny the ability for this attack to take place. Also, they are encouraging users to update the app and also keep their mobile OS up to date. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. Internet Not Available.